Some of the most common reasons persons seek help are:

  • Addiction
  • Social stress
  • Grief and loss
  • Family conflict
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Separation/divorce issues
  • Life transitions
  • Marriage problems
  • Learning difficulties
  • Self-esteem problems

If any of these issues are affecting your quality of life, you can call and arrange a consultation appointment. We can discuss what you are hoping to accomplish in counselling, determine if we are right for you, and if so, develop a plan together that addresses your goals which can include working on:

Couples Counselling: Conflict is a normal part of a family’s life. But sometimes conflict begins to dominate and then it is time to seek balance and harmony again.  We have useful techniques and strategies focusing on communication, intimacy issues, interaction styles, and emotional blocks that help couples regain their closeness, trust, and happiness.

School Problems Is your child having trouble adjusting in school?  Does the classroom seem to cause your anxiety or depression? For many teens and children the school day can present a great source of stress and unhappiness.  Counselling focuses on techniques designed to prepare and support students in the classroom and at home. Carl understands the school system and  provides supports to parents are care givers to navigates themselves through the school system

Grief and Loss: Grief is a normal and natural reaction to either physical loss (death of a loved one) or social loss ( devorce or separation ). Counselling focuses on ways navigate through these life challenges.

Panic/Anxiety:  Worry in life is normal and expected but for some this worry can develop into a crippling emotional and psychological diffiuclites that makes normal functioning unmanageable. This type of anxiety requires attention and counselling. Counselling focuses on the underlying causes of anxiety and techniques to help you address them.

Stress: In life occasional stress is to be expected but too much stress can lead to an constant state of elevated anxiety that can lead to relationship problems, nervousness, sleeping issues , and irritability.  Counselling focuses on systems to help identify and then reduce these stressors and balance your lifestyle so you can move on.